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The craftmade pasta Costa dei Rosmarini boasts some unique selling points:

• Made with the most precious of the durum wheat semolinas, the one named Kronos. This has a unique taste and resists overcooking better than any other semolina.
• The 48 hours drying process compared with quick industrial drying of other pasta. This preserves the flavour and scent of the genuine ingredients.
• The shape of ancient craft cuts obtained with bronze draw. The irregular cuts and rough surface better adhere to sauces and enhance the tasting.

The grain of flour, the elasticity of dough, the design of bronze dies, the pressure through dies, the timing of the various phases are a precious know-how built over generations. The result is a unique pasta.

An example of our pasta is the ancient Croxetti cut. This pasta originated in Middle Age. The cooks of noble Ligurian families used to press a thin sheet of pasta between two wooden moulds engraved with the family arms on one side and other symbols on the other side. As the image of a cross was often impressed, this pasta started to be called croxetti. Still nowadays, for weddings or other events, people in Liguria use to commission to artisan carpenters some wooden moulds with initials or other decorations. Housewives then prepare the croxetti one by one. The croxetti beautifully combine with the typical Ligurian sauces: pesto sauce, walnut sauce, pine-seed sauce, fish sauce.

The Trenette are the long pasta better representing the typical Ligurian cuisine. By tradition they are served with pesto sauce, walnut sauce, pine-seed sauce or fish sauce. Simply delicious.
The Trofie dates back to the end of 1800. With a particular movement of their hands the housewives of the Recco region used to model small pieces of rolled pasta in a unique shape being universally recognised. Since then the trofie keeps being prepared in the entire Liguria. Trofie are traditionally served with the pesto sauce
The Gigli, a pasta witha beautiful shape, shows two main properties: optimally meld with sauce and cooks in a short time. Excellent both with pesto or tomato sauces.
The Paccheri were once called "the pasta of the poors" because, due to their size, very few of it could fill a dish. Their shape and rough surface are perfect for all the meat sauces (rag).
The Spumoni, with their unique shape, excellently retain the sauce and keep a wonderful consistency when cooked. They are perfect even when served cold.
The Taglierini are typical from the Ligurian tradition. Costa dei Rosmarini prepares them with saffron, squid ink and nettle.